Our story


We launched as Customize My Plates. We were the first team to offer black faceplates for the PS5. You may have seen us on IGN, GameSpot, ComicBook.com and about a thousand others. Unfortunately, Sony’s legal team also read the news. After they squashed production, we pivoted to new areas of gaming personalization.


TREZN is driven by an unabashed love for video games. We play every blockbuster and skulk about the web for news on indie hits. Customization has always been fundamental to gaming: you personalize your character, choose your path in the story, and ultimately, carve out an experience that’s solely yours. We wanted that freedom to transcend the software and come to life on the surface of your machine.


When we left Customize My Plates behind, premium quality became our guiding light. We hired new management, positioned high-definition vinyl skins as the flagship product. We overclocked our design process and collaborated with world-renown artists. Every product on our site features the highest-grade materials available. Professional technicians perform each modification. And overworked Warehouse Humans ensure all order goes out on time. When something happens, 24/7 customer support stands at the ready. It’s time to perfect your hardware.